Increase in easypost seems excessive? Only for cross-country shipments.

We use a CRM with the easypost API to ship about 30-50 units a day (all priority flat rate "small box") and I have noticed (we're in FL) anything going past the middle of the country (CA, ID, Etc) the price is around $4-5 more than if I shipped UPS ground. This is not in line with the USPS 2022 increase and I was curious if anyone else was running into the same issue?

To make it stranger, anything going "local" (FL, GA, NY) is in line with the cheaper pricing (within $1 of UPS). Is it just a distance issue, has something in the algo changed? I really would like to continue using USPS but at $4-5 more a unit for cross country shipping I might be forced to go to UPS for those units which I hope to avoid.

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