Looking for a business partner for a plant/eco-themed online store (POD/Dropship) 🌿


I started an ecommerce business on Shopify launched in December and I'm looking to find a collaborator/partner for the project. I'm based in Canada.
Previous experience with dropshipping/POD, online marketing, copy writing and/or graphic design are assets.

The shop is all about plant lovers and the plant community niche. Currently selling plant-themed jewelry, accessories and home decor via dropshipping and looking to expand into print on demand focusing on eco-friendly/sustainable items. A brand "by plant people, for plant people." 🌱

After getting a handful of sales in the first month, some using paid Facebook advertising, I've been focusing on organically expanding the brand's audience on social media with daily TikToks/Instagram.

Currently I've been doing everything from brand concept, social media, web design, logistics, research, finances etc. With so many aspects of the shop that I'm working on simultaneously, I haven't been able to grow the shop as much as I'd like to yet and break even, though I know this business has plenty of potential.

If you'd like more information, if this sounds like a project you'd like to get involved with, send me a dm. (Bonus for collaborator compatibility: If you're also LGBTQ / have a marginalized identity / are neurodivergent.)

If you have any other relevant resources/tips/suggestions, especially for finding an ecommerce business partner, feel free to leave a comment. Input appreciated!

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