Problem with my squarespace payment options

Hi everyone. i'm from Indonesia and i sell digital products on my website, my target markets are mostly from the US. I've paid for annual squarespace subscription and i use paypal as my payment processor (stripe is unavailable in Indonesia). I've tried asking my friends for a test purchase in my website, and there seems to be a lot of weird issues like "payment failed, please try again", or "enter a valid billing address", and sometimes a payment can't be processed if the buyer doesn't log in to his/ her paypal account. there's also a lot of cases when the buyer just keep on returning back to the checkout page over and over again.

is there a way to solve this issue? is it possible to integrate another payment processor here? (i've seen no other payment option in squarespace interface), or do you guys have any advice for me?

thankyou in advance everyone, apologize if i made mistakes with my english 🙂

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