At a loss with Google Ads

I started an e-commerce business almost a year ago. It’s a viable model that’s producing worthwhile monthly revenues (in the realm of decent ‘side-hustle’ money) with good growth potential.

About 4 months in, my partner initiated a chargeback for a Google Ads payment. His card was registered under our PayPal account which we used for Google Ad credit, which is why he didn’t recognise the transaction.

They suspended us pretty quickly for ‘suspicious payment activity’. It’s been almost 8 months since the suspension, and not only have they not reversed the decision after 10+ carefully crafted appeals, they are keeping £320 of credit in the account and not initiating a refund after multiple requests.

We use Microsoft Advertising as an alternative, but as you all probably know, it’s not nearly as powerful and converting as Google.

We’re staying afloat, getting by. But I can’t help but think where we might be if we able to advertise with Google.

Not one single appeal has been responded to by a human — all we get is automated responses. Can’t lodge a complaint because the account is suspended. Can’t create new accounts as our URL is now blacklisted and they will be instantly suspended.

Why are they doing this to us? It was a simple mistake that was quickly rectified. My business partner will be ok, he has other income streams. But this is my livelihood. I feel so dejected, like i’m arguing with a giant, faceless machine that doesn’t care. But they’re so important to our business.

All I want to do is spend money with them. It’s so frustrating, man.

Can anyone give good insight on reversing Google Ads suspensions, suspension workarounds, or viable SEM alternatives?

Any advice is appreciated.

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