B2B / Industrial E-Commerce : Process, software, and recommendations to move into E-commerce sales.

I am looking to transition a very long term, established manufacturer of a niche type of product into offering a handful of products online for purchase. The site and sales process right now is very much a RFQ process and offers no direct way to purchase online.

The current site is built out in WordPress with WooCommerce integrated into the backend and so forth.

Before just setting loose on adding products and trying to get products on every platform (own site, eBay, Amazon, etc) I am taking a step back to realize my shortcomings of knowledge in this area and learn to crawl before running.

I have some products up on eBay and have them also on Amazon, but that’s as far as things have gotten.

With that in mind, in no particular order — a few questions (thanks in advance).

  1. Is there a recommended platform to manage multiple e-commerce listings all at once versus individually going through and changing part numbers, prices, and availability?

  2. I want my products to show up in ‘Google Shop’ — what’s the best way to get that to happen?

  3. Any list of recommendations on software or “must-haves” would be greatly appreciated.

I have a budget and backing to do this, so not necessarily needing to shoestring everything but also don’t want to blindly waste a ton of funding on snake oil at the outset.

Thanks in advance!

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