Do any pre/post purchase survey Klaviyo integrations exist?

Hey guys, looking for a way to collect data from each customer who purchases a sample from us, this is the idea.

– Charge $7 for shipping but offer them free shipping if they'll answer two questions

– What's your project? (multiple choice)

– When's your estimated start date? (date selection)

– After they click submit, they get a code for free shipping

– That info gets sent to klaviyo along with their email, they get put in a certain flow based on their project type and the emails get triggered when their estimated start date is 12, 6, 4, 2 weeks away etc.

Another option could be to ask them after they checkout (like Knocommerce) but that's not as ideal because them answering isn't incentivised.

Have any of you guys seen/used/heard of something like this? Preferably a Shopify app or simple integration.

Let me know!

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