Looking for a job in D2C E-commerce!

Hey there – I hope all is well. I am just reaching out to see if anyone has any recommendations or knows anywhere that is hiring?

I’ve worked in customer experience/tech management in a start-up D2C E-Commerce environment for the past 3 years.

I have experience working in Shopify and several other platforms/widgets. Implemented and integrated our help desk Gorgias into all channels of the company. I have experience working loop backend and creating ways to turn returns into revenue. By giving the customers the option to shop now with an additional credit for a new item instead of losing the sale.

And have also been doing HR, bookkeeping, as well as project coordination. I’m either looking for a job in customer experience management or retail tech management.

Customer experience and e-commerce are constantly changing and I am all about building loyalty with customers and implementing new ways for them to have a seamless customer journey.

Please let me know and also if anyone has any questions!

Have a wonderful day!



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