New marketplaces for independent e-commerce stores?

Given the dramatic increase in digital advertising costs (& CACs), it seems that it’s nigh time for a re-bundling of independent e-commerce stores. Shopify has explicitly said they are not building a marketplace for the stores they host w/ their Shop app.

Broadly speaking, there are solutions succeeding in these categories:

  • Influencers curate their favorite things. (e.g. Liketoknowit, Landing, Curated)
  • Marketplace targeted at niche product categories. (e.g. StockX, Whatnot)
  • Ebay-esque C2C marketplaces. (e.g. Letgo, Poshmark)
  • Social commerce. (e.g. Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Whatnot)

The marketplace model only works if it can aggregate demand too. That's why the social media platforms have an advantage out of the gate, they already host all the demand.

Can anyone else think of other categories or interesting marketplaces that have gained traction selling the goods of independent dtc brands? Or are there any startups tackling this in an interesting way?

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