Inexpensive Store: Single Product, but goal to expand

Hey all,

I am working on a new brand and as much as I want to invest into more products, the products are fairly expensive, so I am looking at starting with one product (retail $150-200) and build up from there.

I don't expect big sales numbers at the beginning. I am honestly hoping for 1-2 sales in the first month or two. My questions are:

  • should I start with Shopify right away or is there another lower cost store? I have used it before and liked it, but i wondering if I can save some money if I'm not selling a lot right away. I won't be adding more products right away, but I would like to expand

  • should my site essentially just be a landing page I drive traffic to with a buy now button?

TL;DR – what is less expensive alternative to Shopify for a single item product page?

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