Shipping to my country

Hi guys,

Im planning to start a E-Bike brand. I've already had some contact with a supplier who meets the requirements for the bike I want.

The only problem is shipping.

Since it's the first time I am doing all of this I wanted to ask which is the best option for me.

He told me that he will ship the sample with DHL ( air) which will take a few days. This will cost me in total around 1000usd ( around 900 euros )

I've asked the supplier which is best when I need stock and he told that he only ship by air for 1 sample. He advised me that If I want to order stock ( MOQ is 50 ) by sea would be best. By sea the total product + shipping would cost around 400 usd ( around 350 euros ) per bike but will take 35-45 days.

My plan was to start with low inventory ( 5 bikes ) because I didn't validated the market yet and it's also low risk. My business plan and market analyse looks good but you never know.

Do I have push to ship it by air ( which will cost me more per bike) or by sea? What would you do and Why?

Thank you.

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