Check Top 1 Trending Product To Dropship by Data

I read an article – Top 10 Trending Products To Dropship In January 2022 .

The top 1 trending product is Reverse Umbrella. I am curious if this product is really suitable for Dropshipping. So, I use to get the analysis report and data of the product.

MyShopSpy found there are 31 Shopify shop selling 149 reverse umbrella products. But the estimated sales volume monthly is only 1

Is it really a good dropshipping products?

Of course, maybe the product for dropshipping is just on the start of the trending, who knows.

The average price difference between Shopify shops and Alibaba/Aliexpress is about $30-$40. But the shops selling reverse umbrellas mainly use Google Shopping ads to get traffic. In average, each shop publish 9.75 Google Shopping ads. Considering the conversion cost is more than $20 in usual on Google Shopping. The gross profit seems not so good.

You can get the full report by click the link: Reverse Umbrella Report

You also can get the detail data about these shops, products and ads by click the link: Reverse Umbrella Data

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