Is a 2nd niche site a good idea?

Lets say I sell home furniture, my current site has chairs, dining tables, coffee tables and more items related to home. It's been live for about 6 years and I don't advertise. It's all been from search engines.

I got a good domain for example "" and went ahead and purchase 1 year of shopify and begun working on the new site for sofas only.

I am putting a lot of work into blogs and realize that sofas where a good seller on my first website in the first place and creating this much content for the 2nd would probably leave me empty for the first website as I don't know if I can duplicate this content without being repetitive.

One of my biggest competitors has around 6 websites with specific domains. It's a huge company so they spend a lot on ppc.

Should I abandon my new niche website and focus all my work on the 1st? Or continue the effort?

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