“Shipping” vs “Delivery” – why it matters

"Shipping" vs "Delivery" for ecommerce?

Have you thought about why you use one term instead of another? One taps into the mind and emotions of your customer and is more persuasive.

"Shipping" is used more commonly by store owners because that's what they're used to dealing with. Stock literally coming in on a ship from their overseas supplier.

Or hearing their wholesaler use "shipping" because they don't have to think about persuasive copywriting.

Your customer cares about the end result. They buy online because of convenience, their order ends up on their doorstep with minimal effort.

Delivery is what makes ecommerce work.

Order delivery is a dopamine hit.

Everyone loves the excitement of an order being delivered.

You don't pick your parcel up off your door step and say "great, my order has been shipped". You say "great, my order has been delivered!"

Start with the end result in mind. Hint at the happy ending early on in the buying process to remind people about their (and your) goal.

Use "delivery" when you talk about…delivery.

"Free Delivery", "Order now for delivery tomorrow", "Orders over $50 are delivered free", "Fast, Tracked Delivery".

Speak your customers language. Speak your customers goals.

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