5 Copywriting Tips For E-Commerce Store Owners Who Want To Make More Sales

Your store looks great. Your social ads are getting clicks . You’ve got decent traffic coming in…

BUT… you aren’t making as many sales as you like.

Why is that?

The problem could be the copy on your site.

Substandard copy is like a bad smell.

It drives customers away in the blink of an eye.

It destroys your credibility.

And it stops people from clicking on that ‘Add to cart’ button.

Why would anyone want to buy your products if you can’t articulate why they should?

But if you get your copy right … it can hugely increase sales and conversions.

Think of your copy like an on-site salesman.

Its job is to entice your prospects further into your store or further down your sales page…

To persuade them that they really NEED what you’re selling…

Then to push them into that the most important action of all – buying your product!

Here’s 5 copywriting tips to help you out.

  1. Good English

It may seem obvious. But if your copy is riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes, no-one will take you seriously.

Bad English will also undermine customers’ trust in your brand.

So before you publish copy to your site, check it carefully.

And if you aren’t confident in your English language abilities, get someone who is to write your copy.

  1. Clear CTAs

A CTA (call to action) is when you ask a customer to do something, like ‘buy now’ or ‘add to cart’.

Your CTAs don’t need to be anything fancy, but they do need to be clear.

If they aren’t, your customers could end up confused,

And confused customers don’t buy things.

A good rule is to think about whether your CTA works if you put the phrase “I’d like to…” in front of it.

I’d like to BUY NOW


And so on…

Every time a customer takes an action on your site, they should know exactly what they’re going to get.

  1. A compelling headline

Your headline is the first thing your customer sees when they open your sales page or product page.

So if it’s strong, they’ll keep reading. You’ve hooked them!

If it’s weak, they won’t. Kiss your sale goodbye.

There are lots of ways to write a good headline.

Some tried and tested methods are:

State a benefit Make a promise Create a sense of intrigue Use a specific statistic or fact Create a sense of urgency Introduce a unique mechanism

Even better, combine 2 or 3 of the above for a really killer headline.

  1. State benefits, not features

A feature is something your product does. I’m sure your product has a whole load of neat features. Good for you!

But features don’t sell. Instead, you need to focus on the benefits.


A feature: what your product does.

A benefit: how that’s a good thing for whoever buys it.

So if you’re selling a toaster (for example).

Feature: Toast breads
Benefit: You can enjoy yummy hot toast whenever you feel like it.

Feature: Toasts 4 slices at a time Benefit: You can make delicious toast for your whole family all at once

Psychologically, features work on a logical level. Benefits work on an emotional level.

And 99% of people buy based on their emotions.

  1. Use urgency

Which works better?

Fix your store’s copy at some point. I’m sure you’ll get more sales eventually.

Fix your store’s copy NOW and make more sales TODAY!

I rest my case.

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