Anyone here interested in having an animated product-intro/explainer video ?

Hi folks,

Hope you are doing well. I run an animation studio called Tombox and we specialize in making animated product explainer videos for startups.

A young startup can benefit immensely from such a video. Some of the ways which I can think of are ( TLDR at end ) :

  1. Customer outreach : An animated explainer video is a great way to explain or inform any potential customer about the product. These days people consume a lot of video content and video is a great way to connect with people on a personal level. Videos are engaging and can capture anyone’s attention in a matter of few seconds. As a matter of fact there’s a principle called dual coding principle which says that when people are more likely to retain something and take action when their auditory and visual senses are stimulated simultaneously. You know like how we are unable to remember chemistry formulas but are able to recall exactly what dialogue some actor said in some movie. Additionally, video can explain complex concepts in a nice and simple way. These days people don’t really need lengthy texts and FAQs you know ?
  2. Boost sign-ups and conversion rate : An explainer video is a proven way to boost sign ups especially for a young startup. When a product is new in the market, not many people know about it, there aren’t many user reviews, not many blog articles have been written about the product and not many youtubers have made a video about it. So how does someone know that the product can help them ? Well via an explainer video you can tell exactly how the product will help them and a person is more likely to make a purchase or sign-up for a service after he knows what he’s getting and all the benefits.
  3. Improving SEO : Media rich websites tend to have better SEO rankings than pure text sites. These days internet is all about video you know and you need a video to survive on the internet. There’s a fierce competition to get customers attention and I think that a nicely done video is a great way to capture someone's attention very quickly.
  4. Pitching product to VC/Bankers etc. : You can use an animated exlpainer video while pitching the product to the VCs. I mean of course you’ve to do the talk and presentation your self. But when you are sending that first email to the VC or submitting your application to YCombinator, you can send a link to your video. It will do a pretty good job in clearly explaining your product to the busy VC in mere seconds. Additionally, it’ll convey to them that you are serious about the business.
  5. Ads, Promoting on internet, social media and influencer promotion : You can definitely use a minute long video in ads and in promoting your product on various social media platforms like reddit, instagram, youtube etc. You can also outreach to potential influencers with the video. These influencers get thousands of emails/messages in a day and giving them a video of your product proves that you’re a legitimate company and are serious about the product + it explains the product to them. Just DM them a link to your product and say that you want their help in promoting.

TLDR; An explainer video is a great marketing tool for young startups — it can help you in clearly explaining the product to potential customers, boost sign-ups, increase your conversions rates and improve your SEO game. You can also use it in ads and in promoting the product on the net.

So If you are interested in having an awesome animated explainer video for your product, just DM me.

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