Is Slaite a Scam?

Slaite ( provided some decent samples off the hop but after linking them to my Shopify they are several weeks late on several orders and the sample order that just came in had embroidery that is beyond unacceptable.

Their online support has been giving me the runaround for weeks and seem to have deleted the ticket I had with them in which they offered a free reprint of a hat due to misplacement of the text on the side and assured me this would be fixed for the order I just received and not only did I never receive the reprint but the issue was not fixed in said order.

I have Shopify customers whose orders have been in limbo for over a month and want them cancelled so I can refund them and/or fulfill their orders through a different supplier. I also want a refund for the hats in my most recent sample order. What are my options here? Should I just charge back through my credit card provider if they refuse to offer a partial refund?

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