Secrets that are stopping you from reaching 7-figures easily–Operational efficiency

A lot of people focus on cutting the fat on the ads level. “How can I reduce my CPMs?” or “How do I Increase my ROAS?”. But not many reach out to their suppliers after a while to negotiate cheaper supply or buy in bulk to lower the cost. This would reduce your breakeven ROAS and also give you a bigger leeway with spending and testing. Meaning you can accommodate spending a lot more to acquire a customer​

Your upselling and funnel game

The goal with this is to increase your AOV coupled with ways to improve the conversion rate on the website. What helps with this are the questions that your customers ask on customer support. Understanding them and communicating them with clarity on your product page will greatly increase your conversion rate by reducing customer resistance.​

Any questions or objections they might have towards buying your product can be solved without wasting any time and resulting in better-converting traffic, simply by clarifying it on the site. This will also increase the trust between you and the customer, they have that reassurance that any concerns they would’ve had have been answered. This could lead to them being comfortable spending more, causing a boost in your AOV.​

Adding new products

Naming your brand after a single product can restrict you when it comes to scaling. For example, Bob’s Eyelashes. Although it may seem like the place to go for eyelashes, you can’t really look to buy from them when it comes to makeup, skincare or anything generally related. This makes it less scalable because it restricts your options for the large potential upsells that you can tap into.​

Naming the store more general is a simple shift that will help you scale to that multiple 7 figure mark by leveraging bundling. Adding multiple related products together and offering them as a bundle. Resulting in a more appealing offer and bringing in a larger amount per transaction.​

​Testimonial Leverage

Ask your top customer reviewers to send in a testimonial for another free product. This is what will really tie your marketing together. Every real brand has a trail of happy customers that love to express their experience with the product, this will make that trust barrier a lot easier to cross for newer customers as they see people like themselves showing satisfaction with the brand.​

A good way to structure it is to send them examples of content. This is perfect for generating creatives that will 2-3x your biz.​

It Isn't a straight line​

A lot of people are convinced progress is linear in business. It’s not a straight path from 100k to 200k to 300k. Be prepared to face fluctuations and learning curves.​

A lot of business owners struggle and waste a lot of energy time and money trying to pinpoint and integrate these changes. It makes a lot more sense to allocate these tasks to the people that have been in the trenches before, so much that it's second nature for us to scale efficiently now. ​

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