Product Page can make or break your store

[for Shopify dropshipping] The product page is the star of the show, this is where we send customers to. Using too many spammy sales features and clunky themes can decrease conversion sales.

Keep it simple, use modern and aesthetically pleasing Shopify themes. Use clean and light themes like Dawn. Use high-quality photos, gifs, and videos to get customers' attention. Gifs and videos are underutilized in the e-commerce industry. A website without gifs and videos is no different from a brochure.

Make your product description as short as possible. Use catchy headlines and bullet points to it easy to consume. Provide product instructions if need be. Customer reviews are very important, moreover reviews with product photos, are proven to increase conversion rates.

If you’re struggling with store/product page design, good quality content, product description, or just need a store to revamp I’m available. Prices are negotiable starting at $85

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