Solution: Facebook Ads Restricted Due to Failed Identity Confirmation


So basically this is for anyone dealing with the failed identity confirmation issue on Facebook Ads with the specific message:

"Identity Confirmation Failed. We're always looking out for the security of our community. Because your identity can't be confirmed, you won't be able to request a review."

I had this issue on my BM account for awhile and one night I was looking on Reddit for the solution and I came across this post.

If you scroll down the post, you will find a comment with "SOLUTION:" at the front of it by a fellow Reddit user.

Here is the original comment he made so it's all on one page:

OK, to anyone still facing this bullshit issue I have an actual solution that works…
I hadn't been running ads for about 8 months or so and when I logged back in I had a message saying that I'd been temporarily suspended from advertising due to suspicious activity (whatever the hell that was), and to upload my ID to confirm my identity. I uploaded my ID and was told to wait up to 48 hours. When I checked 2 days later I had a new message saying that my identity couldn't be confirmed and that I was now permanently restricted from advertising (personal account), and I had no way of requesting a review or reuploading my ID.
After months of speaking to facebook any way I could and just getting the same bullshit copy-paste responses saying that I'd violated some mystery terms, I ended up browsing youtube again looking for someone who'd managed to resolve the issue.
I found a video that looked scammy as hell and unlikely to help, but since I was desperate I watched it, and it actually looked like it might work (there are 2 videos, the first one showing the process and the second showing the result). I was willing to try anything at that point, so thought I'd give it a go.
I'll link the videos below showing the process, but what you have to do is have another ad account that needs ID verification added to your account (you'd be their admin) and it will ask you (them) to verify their account by the admin (you) confirming your identity. So it's basically giving you another chance to confirm your identity by uploading your ID again. Just make sure to check that your name and address are exactly the same as on your ID (including middle name/s). I did it yesterday and a couple hours ago I had my advertising access reinstated.
The only problem with this method is you'll probably have to do something that seems sketchy as all hell… If you can't get another ad account with ID issues on your own then you'll need to get the guy who made the video to use his ad account with yours (that's what I did). I think I paid him $10. I was pretty scared that I was being scammed, but figured it's only $10 and I'd happily risk losing that to get my access back. I wish there was a way I could prove that it's legit because it will help everyone here actually get their access back. I'll post my before and after screenshots but I'm not sure if I'd even trust that myself. But the guy was really decent and even refunded me when it didn't seem like it was going to work. Thankfully it did end up working, though.
If you have any questions about the process I went through feel free to ask and I'll help any way I can. I know how fucking annoying this bullshit with facebook is and it's been driving me nuts for months, so I wanna help anyone else with this issue if I can. Anyway, here are the links and screenshots:
My before and after pics:

I pretty much followed what he said and ended up getting my BM unrestricted as well as my Personal FB Ads account.

As he says in the comment, it looks very sketchy from a westerner's perspective, but it actually works. You only have to pay the guy who does it like $5.00.

Anyways, since it worked for me and the solution is buried in the comments of an older post, I thought I'd bring it to the light as I know how much it sucks to struggle with this issue!

And of course, all credit goes to the original user who revealed this solution! (u/alrightthenwhynot)

God bless!

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