Is it worth getting help with ads?


After a little less than a year of experimentation, I’m wondering if my resources would be better spent having someone else manage my ad spend. So far, I’ve had mild success with Facebook Ads, and have pretty much exclusively been advertising on Facebook. My ad spend budget is approximately $100 a day, and I’ve historically gotten a ROAS of around 1.25. That seems pretty bad, but I think Facebook is underreporting conversions, and the ads result in a lot of mailing list signups, which have successful conversion rates.

I’m in a very niche craft supply market, with a high propensity for regular repeat customers. I manufacture my own products, and they have 400-1000% margins.

My question: would hiring someone else to run my ads make sense at my level? Or would it be best for me to buckle down and work on improving them myself?

My ad strategy is pretty lame – get some pictures of best selling products with a few headlines and then have FB optimize for add to cart conversions. I haven't really done any AB testing or further optimization, so there's probably some room for improvement.

Thanks for your insights!

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