Shopify – a quick and awesome guide – not 🤣

Here are the problems I've encountered whilst dealing with Shopify and its eComm platform. These items are listed in point form for a quick read.

  1. Wrong and fluctuating supplier rates

     1.a. Posted low to obtain marketing web-owners (that's you), only to increase rates afterwards (if customer orders and you are not keeping track of the supplier increasing price you lose money because you priced it according to the initial rate) 1.b. Shopify (charges $ subscription you pay for) has a "solution" via dropshipping host apps (who charge $ subscription you pay for) only problem is the "change price manually" option still ruins you over when the supplier ups the price 1.c. Your subscriptions are earning while you're losing 
  2. Products not within your quality assessment control

     2.a. Supplier "guarantees" quality product to customer, but if a customer complains and provides proof, which you agree with, you'd be stuck filing a return back and forth from supplier to you to customer etc 😉 2.b. Now multiply that issue w/ 5+ more customers 
  3. Products out of stock

     3.a. If you have "continue selling when out of stock" and your customer files an order while you're stuck staring at an empty inventory, you're screwed 3.b. "Fix" this by unclicking the checkbox 3.c. Now do it for 20+ more items w/ 5-10 options per item 
  4. Customs fees

     4.a. Even w/ your policy guides, not all customers read it, and they will demand why there's a charge reflecting on their item 4.b. Proceed explanations 
  5. Supplier rates

     5.a. Supplier rates per item are low, but their shipping is obnoxiously high - and you're probably wondering why! The "shipping fee" is actually their way of covering their expenses plus profit of sale as per commission off of you! 5.b. The total rate will be the going rate per sale on Amazon as a private seller. Your reseller fees will reflect that of a crazy guy by going above the Amazon rates - why should customers buy from you when there's a better alternative? 5.c. Shopify and their dropshipping apps don't care - you're paying subscription - they win either way. 
  6. USD to CAD conversion fees

     6.a. That $25USD seems normal for an Amazon sale, because it's the going rate in Canadian dollars. Wait, what? That means your initial 25USD is actually 31CAD... Your product won't sell, not when Amazon is cheaper with free delivery the very next day! 6.b. It's rough, I know, you'll live to see tomorrow, if you keep on reading 
  7. Custom domains

     7.a. Google fees is a cheaper alternative than Shopify fees in terms of custom domains 7.b. But Shopify won't tell you that. 
  8. Credit card transaction fees at 2.9% plus "a low rate of $0.30"

     8.a. Adjust your prices to reflect these additional rates if you forecast your profits per sale item at a certain % ontop of your already pre-calculated rate of expenses plus coverage of subscription fees forecasted at an average sale of 10 items a week 8.b. Martha - I mean Maths 👺 
  9. Ever wonder why there's more and more "how to sell online" videos than there are successful sellers?

     9.a. I know right 9.b. Actual marketing effort 👌 
  10. Shopify website platform

     10.a. They make it seem user friendly, but don't be fooled, the amount of stagnation between commands when it can be so much more simplified is just what they want so you'll subscribe for a professional "web developer" 😆 what's there to develop, it's already pre-coded 🤨🤣 all it needs is some stylish Flair 10.b. "Free themes" aren't that fantastic. It's horrible so you might as well buy the good codes for $250 average 
  11. Advertising

     11.a. If you're still here you're a champ! Advertising fees on Google will charge you per click but you won't balance the profit when customers are deterred with your horrific prices based on reasons above. 
  12. It comes full circle

     12.a. Congratulations, you've graduated in what I'd like to call the new pyramid scheme of eComm - we haven't even dived that deeply in terms of finances yet either. Amazon forecasted rates are $5-7k prior to starting ONE product line. Don't think this system is "easy quick side hustle" - it ain't. 🤧 

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