3PL – US Based 3PL for a Canadian E-commerce Company?

Hi all,

I operate a mens niche apparel brand out of Canada (where I live, in Ontario). I currently ship anywhere between 600-750 orders per month via a 3PL located here in Ontario. My issue is that ~80% of all orders ship to the USA, followed by Canada, the UK, then other international locations. 3PLs in Canada are terribly expensive. I'm paying ~$9.50 USD to ship a 0.1 LB package to the USA in a small polybag (this excludes storage costs). I'd like to consider moving all fulfilment to the USA as I think I can get a better deal. Will this require me to move my entire business or can I remain a Canadian company that does fulfilment from the USA? Because so many of my orders come from the USA I don't think I have the volume to warrant maintaining both a Canadian and USA fulfilment centre, the small portion of Canadian and international orders I would ship from the new fulfilment Centre. I'm a little bit lost on how to make this change/ if this is the right direction to head in, so just wanted to put some feelers out there to see if anyone else has been in a similar situation and how they navigated it.

Thanks in advance!

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