Amazon Bullet Points 🎯


How to write Persuasive bullet points that reinforce your product’s benefits❓

✔️Place the bullet point ideas that matter the most for purchasing your product first.

✔️Use short, skimmable quick statements that are easy to assimilate.

✔️Write a headline for each bullet to grab attention. This gets the reader to consume more. Avoid upper case headlines. Amazon frowns upon this.

✔️Install Keywords carefully.

Always place the important keywords that you can’t fit in your product title in your bullets.

Don’t force them into sentences to the point where your bullets are incomprehensible.

✔️Translate your product’s features into benefits because that’s ultimately why people buy.

How to choose the best features❓

First, write out your product’s features, then write out the associated benefits of each feature. Then attach an emotion to each benefit. next rank those 🎯feature-benefit-emotion 🎯combos by how frequently that emotion is referred to by customers.

The highest-ranking selection should go first in your bullets list.

✔️Describe The Uses

Shoppers may have one objective in mind when searching for your product, but letting them know other uses can increase the value they see in your product and lead them to buy.

✔️Always Include Dimensions You can never underestimate how much a product’s dimensions matter to a customer.

✔️Use Fewer characters. It's best to stick to around 300 characters or less. If you use up all 500 characters your bullets look like a wall of text and shoppers are more likely to bounce off the listing.

This is an issue with Amazon listings because some images are in a wider format which squeezes the margins on the bullet content. This makes the bullet text look overwhelming.

✔️Always Include The Care Instructions If your product requires special care then be sure to list them in a bullet.

✔️Lay Out The Contents of your Product If you have multiple pieces in your single product, list them out in one of your bullets. The added reinforcement along with images makes it easier to purchase your product.


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