Need an opinion on Shopify app I started developing. Some results already there!

So a few weeks ago I stumbled on an ad on Facebook that offered Airtable with tips&tricks for SaaS founders. Anyhow, on the landing page, he was using a very cool engaging thing called video bubble. It's a bubble in the lower right corner that's playing a video of him presenting the values of this airtable. It was extremely engaging and practically couldn't go off the site without clicking on it. Once you click it, the popup opens with a video playing but sound on. Anyhow, below are call-to-action buttons that all lead to support channels (video chat, chat, …). As part of being a SaaS founder, I am primarily an ecommerce founder, running a 20mm€ (annual revenue) ecommerce operation. The point being, I immediately put that video bubble to ecommerce perspective, so I went and contact this guy about this video bubble thing he uses. He replied: "Yes it's XYZ and as a matter of fact, I got asked about it so much, I joined their affiliate. Here's the link—".

I went there to find out that they don't offer any kind of implementation to ecommerce. Completely different audience. So I asked our WordPress developer to develop a first beta plugin (we run our stores on woocommerce) and he did have it developed in 8 hours. The results from the first tests were fascinating, with more than 30% CTR on a video bubble and more than 10% CTR on add to cart button below the video, and that's on two simple videos from FB ads. If we were to put an unboxing explainer video, the results would have been even greater.

As impulsive as I am, I didn't wait long to contact a local development agency for a quote for a Shopify plugin. So they said a number, I said ok, and now the plugin is in development.

So I'm looking for your opinions on the subject app and especially would love to gather some people for talks on the subject. Like an interview kind of thing. I am more or less looking for DTC brands that have products that already work well with unboxing video ads, but I would listen to all. Thanks

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