No sales – what am I doing wrong?

Hi community,

I'm seeking some advice regarding my e-commerce store. Its been 6 months since launch and we have only generated $4k in sales – I have 100s of stock piled up in my basement. Our website looks very professional, we have reviews and PR mentions in over 15 publications (which I paid for). I think our content on social is good and engaging – yet we have almost no sales. I have advertised on facebook and barely seen any conversions. At this point I'm pretty lost as to what's not working – we sell skincare and candles, are based in Canada and all the products are also made in Canada.

Any advice would be great. Will be happy to share the website link for feedback. I'm pretty open to ideas I just need help figuring out what am I doing wrong (or what am I not doing) because I know there is a market for the product.

Appreciate the help! Thank you!

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