Is eBay dead or is it just me?

We sell stuff like wooden boxes, decorative jars, trays, grinders etc… So basically, I've had months where we would get some sales from ebay and then it would just die.

We even just bought the subscription and run the advertising campaigns at 45% (should we increase it?) and I've never been able to get any traction with them. On Etsy, we sell over 100 a month, and Amazon several Hundred units a month for comparison.

I've also built nice listings with artwork etc, and still no sales. We are working on a PPC campaign, but my hopes are much for it.

So is it just the ebay is a really bad website or am I missing something here? I feel like there's some kind of advertising glitch or something I'm missing here because I know that ebay isn't completely dead, is it???

Thanks a ton for any help.

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