New job in e-commerce. What can I learn from this opportunity?

So I've just started a job at an e-commerce company as a data admin.

I've barely done data admin in the past, so I'm clueless as to how I've got the job.


The company started in mid 2020 and they've grown to achieve over £5,000,000 in sales to date.

I think that's seriously impressive. I've tried to start my own e-commerce stores in the past and failed miserably. I've created 5 stores and only ever managed to receive 2 orders. 3 years, 5 stores, £1000's lost and only 2 sales… it's abysmal.

My question to you all is; what should I focus on learning from this company to eventually set out on my own and have the best chance at succeeding?

I have access to their Magento dashboard so I can see sales, profits, products, etc.

There's a team here who all have different roles to help the company grow, so I'll be chatting to them in due course, but if anyone here has been successful in ecom, I'd love take any advice.

Thank you 👌

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