Will my product be VAT-ed when imported to the US?

Hi, I'm hoping someone here can ELI5. I ran a successful board game Kickstarter, and international shipping is giving me serious headaches.

I'm in the Netherlands. I'm sending ±500 games to the US. I'm trying to figure out if there will be VAT to pay upon import.

As far as I can tell, the games are duty free, HS code 9504.90.6000. But both my logistics partner and a consultant from the Chamber of Commerce are telling me – "Sure, true, you won't be paying import duties, but they might still charge tax and that amount may be different per state." Is that true? Because they both also kind of sounded like they didn't really know what they were talking about.

When I enter my shipment into, it tells me: "Duty 0 USD, VAT 0 USD".

So which is it? Will there be unexpected costs, apart from customs fees? Whether it's me or the customer who pays is not my concern right now, I know about INCO terms. In case it's relevant: I'm still figuring out if the games will be freighted and distributed locally, or sent as individual packages from Europe.

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