WooCommerce for a scaling e-commerce site

Hi all,

I have secured a position with a medium/large size electrical appliance store. They are a traditional brick and motor store who entered the digital age roughly a year ago so the site would be fresh enough when compared to competition. They want to compete with other large size stores online and are using WooCommerce to run the backend and seem to have been doing so since the site was setup.

Upon doing some quick competitor research I noticed that not a single one of the bigger e-commerce sites are using WooCommerce. The main competitors would have substantial traffic each month with some well over 500k visits per month

-Would there be a reason for not to use WooCommerce? Just preference?

-Drawbacks (if any) of using WooCommerce when scaling a website in terms of handling an increase in traffic?

From my viewpoint

– If it ain't broke don't fix it. Seems to be working fine as a website (not 100% sure of traffic volume at this moment in time)

-Familiar CMS. I have experience using WordPress and WooCommerce so not much of a learning curve so will be possible to get up to speed fast

Anything I should be taking into consideration here or some obvious things I am missing?


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