3 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Sales

If your product is not selling, you have got a problem.⁣

Imagine you are spending a lot of money on your store and marketing. You are creating video ads and advertising them on a platform like Facebook Ads, but you don’t see any returns because no one is buying your product.⁣

That is a big problem and needs to be fixed asap, and in this post, I’m going to talk about a few reasons why your product isn’t selling and help you fix it. ⁣

But before we get into the reasons, first you need to understand the ecommerce purchase funnel, this is important to help figure out where the problem lies. ⁣

This is a simple overview of the steps a customer goes through from the moment he sees the product until he purchases it.⁣

It is pretty easy to follow. Here is how it goes:⁣

– Awareness: When a customer becomes aware of your product (often after seeing an ad of yours).⁣

– View content: When a customer takes a look at your product page.⁣

– Add to cart: After the customer clicks the “Add To Cart” button.⁣

– Initiate checkout: After the customer clicks on “Buy Now” in the cart.⁣

– Purchase: After the customer fills in the whole checkout and purchases the product.⁣

You will often find a step in the funnel with a significant drop-off in customers by looking at your analytics. For example, if you find that many people are adding your product to their carts, but few of them actually initiate the checkout, then that is where the problem lies. ⁣


If something isn’t right with your store’s marketing, you will generally see a considerable drop-off from the awareness stage to the view content stage in the e-commerce purchase funnel.⁣

Another option is that you aren’t reaching any people at all or the right group of people, which means there is no one in the awareness stage to start with.⁣

⁣If you notice that you are reaching many people with your ads, but few of them click the link to your product page, you may be targeting the wrong audience.⁣

⁣Before starting to market your product, you should have a good understanding of your ideal customer, also known as your buyer persona.⁣

⁣For e-commerce stores, essential information to know about your ideal customer is their personal info, value & fears, negative info, and their interests!⁣

⁣Knowing these things about your ideal customer and developing a buyer persona will help you tons and will improve your ad performance. ⁣


After sorting out your marketing, you should have enough people looking at your product page.⁣

If you still aren’t getting any sales, something may be wrong with your store’s design that is keeping customers from progressing the purchase funnel.⁣

To find out what is wrong, looking at your store from a customer’s perspective can be helpful:⁣

– Does your product look like a great deal?⁣

– Does your store look trustworthy?⁣

– Are the steps needed to purchase the product clear?⁣

If you are having difficulties looking at your store from a customer’s perspective, you could ask friends and family to check out your store and give you any points that you could improve.⁣

⁣So go through your store and also have a few friends/family members go through it and try to figure out what a customer would want and expect from your store to make a purchase. ⁣


If the main causes I listed above are not the reasons why your product isn’t selling, then there is only one possibility left, you aren’t selling a winning product.⁣

Sometimes, products lack the characteristics they need to be sold profitably.⁣

Often, winning products solve a problem, have a “wow factor”, have good profit margins, and a few other key characteristics.⁣

⁣If your product lacks these characteristics, don’t worry, it’s okay to step away from a product and move on to another one. (Don’t get “married” to your product!)⁣

⁣In other words, you should stop dropshipping the product at this point if it still doesn’t sell. You will have more chance of succeeding by testing new products than marrying one product and trying to make it work for too long.⁣

⁣When doing product research, focus on finding products that are in high demand but aren't saturated either, also qualifying each product is very important as well. ⁣

⁣You can't just find a product and then test it, you need to properly qualify it before you decide to run ads and this is crucial. ⁣

Hope this helps you, if you have any questions leave them in the comments below and I’d be happy to answer them. ⁣

Wish you all the best.⁣

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