E-Commerce Website That Has Separate Sections for Domestic & Commercial Clients

Hey everyone,

I manage the e-commerce store for our company.

We offer a technical media editing service that is mainly targeted at private / domestic clients. Recently, we've been getting more and more commercial, B2B clients use our service. These commercial clients often have more specialist requirements (with much larger budgets).

We've decided that, rather that shoehorning this growing commercial audience into our regular sales funnel, we'd prefer a separate website / pricing structure that is more targeted for business and clients with specialist requirements to increase conversions for this group.

As you can imagine, this has opened up a ton of questions:

  1. Should we even associate the same branding with our commercial and domestic clients?
  2. Should we create a sister company / trading name to split these target markets?
  3. If we created a sister company, would it be strange to link to it from our main site?
  4. Will our domestic clients be impressed by our capacity to deal with these specialist requirements?
  5. Will our domestic clients be impressed by our clientele of recognisable commercial brands?
  6. Would our commercial clients prefer to not be associated with a service that offers a 'basic' service to domestic clients?

Currently we're just making a commercial side of our company and trying to guide any commercial clients onto this page. It's soon to go live and looks pretty good.

I was wondering if any of you fine people had experience with this? Or, do you know of any business that have a split standard / commercial section of their website?

Thank you in advance 🙂

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