Need feedback on some name ideas for a new dog brand

I have been in the ecommerce space for a while and I'm looking to set up a new business around something I am passionate about – dogs.

I have my own dog and she is a lurcher. For those that don't know, a lurcher is a mix between a sighthound, e.g greyhound and a working dog.

When brainstorming names, the one thing I kept in mind is that all lurchers are Hounds, but not all Hounds are lurchers, so Hound is the buzzword I went for.

The business will be a brand for dog products specifically geared towards Hounds and lurchers. I plan to sell a wide range of products from beds to harnesses to toys and even food, so I don't want the name to be limiting.

I want to decide on a name, so any votes or feedback will be greatly appreciated.


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