I feel like the hard part is done, what can I do to improve?

I started a small acrylic paint company last summer and so far it’s been doing better than I ever dreamed of. I have pretty consistent sales and a relatively high repeat customer rate which is what I feel is the hardest hump to overcome in e-commerce in my experience. I decided the logical thing to do was to slowly migrate off of marketplaces and build my own site (on Shopify) to continue to build my brand and audience.

The problem is my metrics are really sporadic. Some days I’ll have as high as an 8% conversion rate and other days a 0.34% conversion rate. I’m running Pinterest ads at $70 a day and getting tons of decent traffic and my CTR hovers around about 1.5-3%. As a result, my ROAS is also super sporadic which makes me nervous about burning through that much cash when the return isn’t really predictable and there's no potential to scale.

I’m wondering if there’s something I’m missing or something wrong with my website that is hurting conversions or making those metrics as unpredictable as they are. Or if there’s any room for improvement major or minor.

Website: []( (not trying to self promote, if links aren’t allowed, let me know and I’ll edit the post)

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