Simple ads trick to maximize your earnings.

This has been working perfectly for me, greatly reducing costs

First, how does the algorithm work. Whatever you set as a goal, the algorithm will search for.

If you go for conversions, it will look for people „most likely to convert". Basically it will just show your ad to random people in the beginning until you have enough conversions for the algorithm to find similarities and traits of the people who converted and from then it will actively look for people that are similar to those people that converted.

If you go for „reach", the algorithm will look for people who are „most likely to do nothing". That will in fact lead to a ton of people that see your ad, but most people will not click/view/convert, because the algorithm is not looking for people that do that. They just want to get the largest amount of people to see your ad for the least amount of money.

If you set link clicks as campaign goal, the algorithm will search for people who are likely to click on the ad (maybe because they have clicked on a lot of Ads in the past and/or because they share traits with people that have previously clicked on your ad).

Now, how to get the best results?

My go-to strategy is the following:

First ad, optimise for conversions to find the type of people that are interested in your product + are likely to convert. Then, for retargeting optimise for reach. The retargeting reach/clicks campaign will be a lot cheaper but you will still address people that are likely to convert.

Why? Because you have already filtered the good/valuable users in your first ad. Now, it is just a matter of showing these people your ads over and over again (with different content) until they either convert or leave your funnel. There is no need to retarget them with another expensive conversions campaign, which will effectively again filter the good from the bad, what we have already done in the first ad.

And to retarget, the first conversion ad should ideally be a video. Then retarget people that have not converted but have watched eg 75% of it. Also: once you have a good amount of conversions, replace the original targeting of your conversions campaign with a look alike audience that is based on the conversions of the first campaign. The end

Any criticism is welcomed, but this has worked great for me

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