Can product reviews be used more effectively?

Hi everyone,

I don't run an e-commerce store but posting this as a customer and user of several store websites. I
am not promoting anything, just want to understand the topic below (if this is against community roles, apologies, i will remove the post).

When i shop on amazon, i always look at the customer reviews, which typically are in the 100s-1000s to get a sense of the topics being shared and make a purchase decision based on that information.

Amazon facilitates this by providing tag-filters and search features, so i don't have to read lots of reviews to understand all the feedback. Google, yelp etc all offer such features as well.

however, several stores I have seen, either do not have reviews. (unfortunately). but the one's that do are very basic and expect customers to read the reviews individually to find relevant information.

My guess (based on my preferences) is that these features would help drive conversions by helping users get information they need quickly and help make up their mind. has this been tested before?

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