How Can I Make Money From This Old Email List?

So I have an email list of about 67,000 homeowners all in one area. This email list wasn't bought or scraped, it's all people that opted in or are past contacts/past customers from a previous business venture of mine.

I don't want it to go to waste so I've been thinking about some low effort ways to make some side money from it (low effort because I'm focused on another business and don't want to put to much time into this)

I was thinking about reaching out to local companies and either charging them for me to send out a promo email for their business to my list OR partner with a local business and I'll write a email sequence to launch a specific offer and launch that offer to the list and do a rev share.

Example: Valentines day coming up. Reach out to a local company that sells Chocolate covered strawberries or something and write a promo sequence for them and send it and do a rev share.

Does anyone do this?

Any other good ideas?

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