Looking for advice on automated (with approval) OMS with API

I finally decided to bite the bullet after receiving an offer from partners to start out in a sector and pulling in good supplier contracts but need some help in choices and don't even mind paying for your time.

For the last month I have done research on possible storefronts and backend toolings. After going through many comparison websites and checking out the products I can't make a choice.

Start: 50-100 orders / month (this is lowballed) Plan: More – Competitive pricing + new products for the market

Inventory/Order management: I'm looking for Tooling that can: – list me order line items I need to ship from my own stock – list me order line items that need to be dropshipped. And after approval send this to my supplier via any method they support (api,ftp,..), mailing a pdf as a PO feels so outdated. – our warehouse is currently small so we can only stock smaller items untill the large warehouse is ready. (Larger items: 10-30kg+, similar to furniture sizings) At this point I will need a WMS which is normal. Untill then or at any point I need the functionality to dropship. What I have looked at: – SellBrite, this is just listings manager, recommends inventorysync – InventorySync: looks promising on what they promote, yet 500USD/month for custom supplier (flxpoint). – Ecomdash: this looks promising and will setup for a trial and call – erpnext: looks like it might work with customization, requires a higher learning curve. – Odoo: another open source erp – Zoho: I didn't feel the vibe

I can start of with anything and do things manually, simpler to start off with: using airtables, excel, QuickBooks, tag orders for possible dropship in shopify,… But would like to have the base ready and not use the storefront once it becomes too much. I've been automating whatever I could for the last 15 years (IT) and would like to give my copartners a simple solution.

Storefront: Decided to go the route with Shopify for piece of mind on the storefront, but I have a feeling I might change to woocommerce due to so many missing features that need an app (multilanguage, search, product filters, etc). I have 2000-5000 skus with translations on hand, yet Shopify doesn't work without an app that requires monthly fees..

Listings: We are based in Europe and will need to use or build listing/order sync tools from this region. I have found several and also like integromat as no code platform after building modules. I'm not particularly interested in using the storefront where my orders come in, but many listing services only integrate with the storefront as default.

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