Mexico and Latam print on demand and dropshipping?

Hello guys, I'm a completely newbie about the ecommerce stuff, and I'm willing to open an online dropshipping store for now (I have plans to create a physical store in a near future, but for now, that's not an option) . I was thinking in use Etsy + Printify / Printful, RedbBubble and (if possible) merch by Amazon at first but, my questions are:
– Are those options available for México / Latam too? I'm not quite sure about printify and RedBubble, but Printful I think it does.
– Can someone please recommend me a store for Mexico or Latam? I found , but I would like more options, please.
I wouldn't like to limit my market, If someone can please guide me about this I will really appreciate it. Thanks for reading and hope my question can help others too.

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