Ship Pirate vs Shipstation

I've been using Shipstation for years for their friendly interface, carrier and woocommerce integration and order scan feature. We ship 100 – 400 orders a day so the scan order feature helps speed things up. But I recently created a Ship Pirate account for their "Simple Export Rate" because we just started shipping to Canada. I can't believe the savings I'm getting using Ship Pirate and I was thinking about using it only for Canadian orders, but they're actually giving me better rate ON ALL of my shipments.

Ship Pirate isn't really a scalable interface, it's a little clunky and I haven't been able to figure out if there's a scan order feature or not.

Any people on here shipping 250+ orders a day on ship pirate? How is Ship Pirate getting better deals than Stamps and Shipstation? Why can't Shipstation offer those shipping discounts? And Ship Pirate is Free on top of it all??! Are any people using it to process 250+ orders a day? How is shipstation still in business?

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