Simple Google Ads setting change to get more impressions

Hey guys

Just a short quick post, I've noticed that in many videos about shopping campaigns they often miss one detail, because its taken for granted as an "optimal" setting since it says Recommended" next to it, that is, Ad rotation, most people will choose the optimize option, even if its a testing campaign or a "catch them all" shopping campaign to test out all of their products and see what's working.

If you pick the optimize option, then very quickly you would notice that many products do not even get any impression, cuz Google's main goal is to spend your budget so it focuses on what can spend the most in the quickest time possible, in other words, even if you have manual CPC turned on, and you are using the optimize option, then basically you are using a "hidden" bidding strategy

So my simple advice is ALWAYS start with "Do not optimize: Rotate ads indefinitely" this way you can give all of your products in a testing campaign a fair chance, then after collecting some data (just like with any other bidding strategy) you can turn on the optimize option.

Hope it helps


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