Threadless Marketplace vs. Artist Shop. Is Threadless Forcing Users to Create “Artist Shop”?

So I recently created a Threadless account and I'm just learning about the two choices of just having your designs available on the Threadless marketplace OR having your own "Artist Shop". It seems the difference (as far as I can tell) is that the artist shop lets you customize your storefront, allows you to set your mark ups, but you have to provide the traffic vs. being able to use the organic traffic on the marketplace. I "think" I have that right (please correct me if I'm wrong).

I wanted to just start things slow, so I went out of my way to avoid setting up an "artist shop", but when I started to make an upload to their marketplace it seems it the website notes that it will automatically make an Artist Shop for me if I hadn't already. Is Threadless forcing users to create one? Any help in correcting/explaining this would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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