Do I need a 3PL or something else?

Long story short I have been shipping/storing my inventory in my garage, but my next order (roughly 13 full pallets) is too big for my garage, and my next order will be bigger.

I sell on 2 websites: Amazon (80%) and my own website (20%)

My website allows me to ship internationally through Pirate Ship Rates and for the few who do not use Amazon. So I want to keep it up even though some months can be slow on my website (50-100 orders).

My Needs:
1) Place to receive/store 13-20 palates of inventory
2) Someone who can ship my orders Internationally
3) Allow me to match or beat my current shipping prices
4) Be able to send regular shipments to Amazon warehouse (I sell out often so this is very important)
5) No minimum orders or crazy fees.

It's really a glorified storage warehouse as the orders shipped wouldn't be that much (40-500/mo), but mostly used to hold and ship products to Amazon.

Is a 3PL the best option for this? And do you have recommendations? Or should I just rent out a storage unit near me, and continue what I have been doing?

Also, I am located south of Seattle if the location makes a difference. And it is for only 1 SKU. Thanks!

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