eComm Beginner: How resourceful is the Clubhouse App?

Which social media platform has the best educational groups and resourceful conversation to join for e-commerce success? Clubhouse Facebook Twitter Instagram Reddit

What/where/how to join e-commerce groups with genuine help and guidance as a beginner from knowledgeable and experienced peers. I consider myself tech savvy but by no means close to the skill level to launch an online brand/store/SMM on my own with any confidence. Im still working on gathering a solid understanding of what different options will work best for my pursuit….Unfortunately, I’m finding myself down the same “free online tutorials”, “The best ways to etc.”rabbit holes. I’m desperate for some REAL insight from the eComm community to help teach a beginner to dropshipping and eComm to launch a profitable clothing niche and scale it. I really appreciate everyone’s help. Please, do not contribute any self solicitations. Thanks, again for everyone’s kindness. The various topics are listed as key examples; Offer anything deemed as a beneficial resource , useful tools, social media marketing education, tips and strategies, honest advise, tracking data, all similar tools as crucial as Google analytics. Don’t hesitate to share all of the knowledge, wisdom, lessons learned, your own personal journey towards successfully starting and running a profitable e-commerce business.

Thanks, y’all!

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