Expanding my Etsy store, Amazon or Website?

Hey all,

I've been building up an Etsy store using print on demand to fulfil a wall art product for the past 6 months. It's had a great reception and shows promise in continual growth.

I'm conflicted as to where I should be focusing my attention when it comes to finding an additional platform to sell on. I'm considering Amazon for its insane existing customer base or my own website for more control over the entire process (I'm a web designer by trade so designing and implementing the site would not be an issue, granted it would take longer).

I only have time to focus on expanding into one new platform at any given time, and obviously want to do it right the first time. My product catalogue will soon be around 1500 items so it's a significant investment of time into getting another platform set up and running properly.

Would really appreciate any insight anyone has on selling on Amazon vs starting their own website!


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