Was I scammed?

If this was a scam, I don't know what the scammer got out of it.

More than a month ago I got a call from a guy who said he was from PayPal. He had a lot of info on my account, and never asked me for other information. He was calling because PayPal had a new plugin for WooCommerce called "WooCommerce PayPal Payments". It was no surprise because I had been getting messages on my site telling me support for the current PayPal plugin I was using was expiring.

He wanted me to upgrade to the new plugin, and if I would remove all other payments options on my site, so PayPal was the exclusive processor on my site, he could offer me a lower rate (2.49%). I agreed, implemented the change, and let him know.

He said he'd verify the change and send me a rate agreement. Then he ghosted me. I have emailed him several times and I've heard nothing for a few weeks.

Everything is fine on my site, but I'm paying full PayPal rates for every transaction. What was this?

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