Klaviyo: I might start an agency, but how do I get clients?

I’ve been a copywriter for the last 7 years (with experience working for some market-leading brands). In the last 4 years I’ve focused on Klaviyo for email and SMS marketing. What started out as copy rolled into strategy, project management and finally execution.

The stores I’ve worked with have been in conjunction with other freelancers or agencies. We’re talking a 30% increase of revenue with overall numbers like $50k-$350k per month in store revenue.

My question is: how do I ACQUIRE clients? I have a unique set of skills, the ability to deliver and know a few solid designers I could hire ASAP. My issue is IDK how to actually find the clients (but am aware of what I am looking for in terms of generic requirements eg. minimum revenue)

Is it worth creating a website then posting in relevant FB groups with a new client introductory offer?

Thanks guys. Appreciate any insights. ❤️

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