Launching globally or domestically


I'm planning on doing a Kickstarter to fund the first run of production of the product I have been developing for the latest year in June or July. After doing the launch on KS, I'm at a loss of if I should go all in and go WW, or if I should start by building a community domestically, and get feedback, build my brand, etc. I live in Sweden.

On one hand, I think it would be beneficial to start domestically as I could focus on a smaller market and get useful feedback and data to use later on when going global. On the other hand, going global gives access to a bigger market and more opportunities, and eliminates the threat of someone copying my product and being perceived as the original.

I don't have a huge marketing budget, the marketing would mostly be organic social media, PR, influencers, and a small amount of paid advertising with FB.

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