This obvious way to find influencers for your ecommerce brand is overlooked by most…

Here's some "doing things that don't scale" applied to influencer marketing for your business:

There are a lot of tools that act as databases with social media influencer's data. The problem with them is that they allow you to scale, but usually at a loss of quality.

The key to successful influencer marketing campaign is understanding that the number of influencers does not matter as much as the quality and fit to your product, I call it product-creator-fit. The same influencer in the same niche can be a bad fit for your product, and great fit for someone else's product.

Database tools fail to capture this nuance, and they can't, as it's more of a qualitative bet than something based on just engagement metrics.

Now that you have context, what I'm about to say next will make more sense.

The best way to find influencers for your brand is Hashtag Search on Instagram/Tiktok and Keyword search on Youtube.

Hashtags tell you the movements influencers associate themselves with. Don't go too broad with these. Eg: If you're in the fitness space, don't look at #fitness or #bodybuilding, go niche. Look at. #crossfittraining, #mixedmartialarts, or #ketodiet. These have smaller audiences and better influencers.

Look at the top posts to find popular creators. Then look at the recent posts to find up and coming creators.

Using this method, you can easily put together a list of 30-50 influencers in a couple hours per week. Then send them DMs and/or Emails.

I've spoken with close to 20 founders as I'm building Saral to enable influencer relationships, and this method seems to work the best for them early on.

Would be curious to hear your thoughts and any other methods that you've found useful 👇

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