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First of all, let me say that I am grateful in advance for your help and advice — I’ve been trying to fix this problem for a while now, and honestly, I’m losing hope…

I’m currently developing a digital mag project, and I would like to sell some simple products there. Our marketing guy is investing his own money into this project, so he wants the project’s tracking side to be as tight and flawless as possible — which is understandable.

Our mistake was to prioritize design and UX over actual functionality, which led us to many workflow problems since we were used web builders centered more on the design and UX rather than eCommerce functionality.

We do not need a complete, ultra-complex eCommerce solution; however, before we dive into countless hours of work to rebuild our project elsewhere, I want to ensure that our next platform of choice will have some crucial features in the marketing guy.

Our current issue is that our current workflow is very complicated, thus making data tracking almost impossible. The customer purchases something on our domain which is provided by the web building platform then goes through a widget iframe pop-up provided by another provider, in which the actual payment is provided by yet another provider, and then comes back on a confirmation page on our domain again.

We would like to avoid this and have our order data in one place, but also have an easy-to-use builder with a decent design. I consider Wix and EditorX the perfect blend between design, eComerce, and functionality — how do you feel about these platforms? We need something to develop ourselves, an easy builder with an integrated eCommerce solution.

Here are features that are a must to us:

— GA4 and Google Tag Manager integrations.

— E-commerce within one platform (no third-party providers, no pop-ups, widgets, cross-domain, leaving the website to proceed with payment). Everything must happen on the same domain.

— Code injection if needed.

— Possibility to display variables/values in the URL or on Thank You / Confirmation page such as Order / Product ID, Currency, Net value, etc.

— Easy builder to develop a functional site with little to no coding at all.

I’d be more than grateful for any help; if you help me solve this problem, you’ll be a lifesaver.

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If you need more technical information, here’s what our marketing guy told us is the most important to him:

“With the current setup, I can see the values in UA and GA4 for sure, but to what click are they linked? None, because cookies and cross-domain tracking are pretty much dead. When fired from third parties, they can only send ‘medium=cpc’ — this is too general; you cannot work with this data and optimize it if it cannot be linked to the click. In general (apart from iframes), it will work with pretty much any third-party site builder and payment provider — provided the user comes back to a Thank You page on YOUR domain, and those values are populated there, be it in the URL, on-page or in hidden divs, it matters not. It’s a subtle difference in workflow setup but a massive difference in results and optimization on my end. So what we need is a Thank You page on your domain with the following variables populated: Order ID, Product ID, Currency, Net Value (ex shipping, ex vat). This gives the best possibilities. It might be Readymag if firing the purchase event with the data layer push on your domain. When it comes to what is better, URL with values or values on the Thank You page — I always like both because it gives fallback, but if I have to choose between, then definitely the URL. It's less prone to breaking, unlike individual users’ browsers. Just make sure the separators between the values are consistent "/" for example so that I can extract them with some Java. Of course, the ideal situation would be working within one platform that provides all these features, so we don’t need to go through third-party providers.”

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