Google Ads vs FB / Insta Ads vs TikTok Ads

We stopped all our ecommerce promotion last year (june / july) – as facebook costs were spiraling out of control – and got no conversions after hundreds of dollars spend (i ran campaigns for 6-8 yrs on facebook and everything was going fine until the ios update).

Also tried Goggle ads – but that's not working either (saw no conversions).

And we tried tiktok ads – that was even worse

Looking to get back into ecommerce – and wanted to know what sort of ads / networks are working with you right now (the more details, the better, like what niche and geo targeting you have, what sort of cpc / cpm / conversions you're getting).

Any tips / tricks on paid ads are most welcome (been doing paid ads since google adwords appeared – but right now, everything things to be horrible – starting with the providers, their support, targeting / conversion and click fraud).

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